GNC Identity Project

Posted by on Jul 14, 2011 in News

We generally give our clients multiple designs to choose from in the initial phase of an identity project. We may refine one or two directions for a second presentation. Occasionally, a design version that is not ultimately selected by a client is of equal quality to the final (sometimes it’s even better!).

Here is a situation where the client, Great Northern Corporation (GNC), had a difficult time making the final selection between these two logo designs.

GNC is an awesome group of people working to help improve the lives and create economic development throughout Siskiyou County – a beautiful and sparsely populated mountainous area of Northern California. The non-profit group offers housing rehabilitation, rental assistance, energy assistance, AIDS assistance, food commodities, etc.

 The “lights on” in the house conceptually sold the deal for the final selected identity.

GNC Final Business Card