The Modern Fan Company

Posted by on Aug 5, 2011 in News

For the past several years we’ve done all the graphic design and advertising for the Modern Fan Company, a business not shy of adventurous marketing.

This years’ ad campaign is based on a bold typographic treatment to the headline “cool by design,” a double entendre reflecting the cooling effect of ceiling fans and the distinctive modern flair of the product. The word “design” was hyphenated as a playful, attention-grabbing device, and it also mimics the hyphenated word “modern” in the logo. A series of bold, lively colors were used. All elements were carefully composed on a background of concentric circles. Most of the ads are in a half-page vertical format, which suitably fits the body of a hanging fan.

The ad campaign, which is running in national publications such as Dwell, Architect, Interior Design and Modernism, was stylistically integrated with a 36-page catalog, website and various print collateral.

Every month we manage the advertising by placing about five to seven ads.

Three half-page vertical ads for the Modern Fan Company

The Modern Fan Company logo