2012 Ashland Gallery Guide

Posted by on Nov 22, 2011 in News

We’re getting ready to do our fifth Ashland Gallery Guide. The 64-page annual magazine features photographic listings of local galleries and artists, as well as editorial content and advertising.

The first step in designing the Guide is to create the cover. The cover design influences the rest of the publication and is featured in various advertising promoting the Ashland Gallery Association. This year I wanted to get a local photographer involved to capture an actual gallery experience. We were lucky to get acclaimed photographer David Winston to shoot several locations on the First Friday Art Walk in October. The selected image was taken at Bohemia Gallery. It presented an authentic moment. What attracted us to this image was the center glow, the industrial and utilitarian elements at the top, the foreground and background art elements, the blurred movement, and the overall composition. The typography merges with the lights and highlights, and in combination with the image, conveys a sophisticated and slightly edgy metropolitan art scene. Overall, the cover is a departure from previous issues which were represented by a single piece of featured art.

The Guide will be produced in January and on shelves mid-February.

2012 Ashland Gallery Guide Cover