Brammo Graphic Standards Manual

Posted by on May 17, 2012 in News

We’re currently doing a good deal of work for Brammo Inc. This innovative company, located in Ashland, Oregon, is producing some of the most advanced electric motorcycles in the world.

Among numerous other design projects for Brammo, we’ve recently completed their Graphic Standards / Brand Guidelines Manual. Having done several corporate identity books in the past, this project was right down our alley.

The pdf book is focused and to the point. We wanted to convey the basics of the visual brand with easy to understand language and visuals. Topics include logo usage, bike graphics, typography, color and a sample design section. The process of developing a comprehensive graphic design system is still young. We’ll be adding to the manual as things evolve.

The importance of a company’s visual brand identity should never be underestimated. This manual allows designers, employees and members of the media to properly implement a consistent and cohesive look. Keeping the graphic system clean, simple and readable will help Brammo better communicate their visionary company to the world.

Brammo Graphic Standard / Brand Identity Manual