Velo Packaging Design

Posted by on Jun 20, 2012 in News

Our new packaging design for Velo wine came off the labeling production line last month.

Gus Janeway of Velocity Cellars came to us with the request of redesigning his Rogue Valley malbec wine. Although the word “Velo” is French for bicycle, we wanted to downplay the bicycle theme as a design feature. We explored various ways of subtly representing some aspect of a bike and ultimately settled on using a vintage crank (from around 1910) as the primary graphic. The selected crank graphic, which was redrawn and stylized, also contains the shape of a flower which we thought was a positive image and added a whimsical touch.

Typographically, we wanted to create a hierarchal focal point featuring “Malbec”, “2010″ and “Oregon”. We were able to achieve this by stacking the type in a unit below the symbol. The name “Velo” was reproduced as a blind emboss. The font selected was Penumbra for its sophistication, small serifs, and because the the “O”s were perfectly round and mimicked the shape of the crank. …details!

Redesigned Velo Wine Label