City of Mt. Shasta Identity Design

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The City of Mt. Shasta, located in Northern California’s Siskiyou County, commissioned us to redesign the city logo and graphic identity program. Their primary request was that the new logo design symbolize hope and ambition.

In the white negative space, between the blue upward arrow and type, is a stylized silhouette of Mt. Shasta covered with snow. The small star within the type represents the position of the alpine city, established at the base of this volcanic giant. A five pointed star was used in recognition of the California Republic state flag.

A teal blue was selected to represent the sky and to also enhance the concept of purity of the environment for both snow and water. Dark brown type was used as an expression of the city’s natural setting.

Additional applications of the brand design are in development.

MT Shasta Logo

Vehicl3eVehicle graphics

Stationery program design with business card press sheet prior to trimming—cards have already been die cut on the left.

Modern Fan Co. Integrated Branding

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Every other year we create a new campaign of graphic design for the Modern Fan Company in Ashland, Oregon. This year, we developed catalogs, national print advertising, website design, a wall calendar and various promotional marketing materials including an asian paper fan.

Several design motifs, such as simple line drawings of classic 20th century furniture design, were used throughout the campaign. We made use of a playful, bright color palette.


Product catalog


MF_Images4bFull and half-page print advertising


Web2bWebsite design



New product calendar



Asian paper fan marketing promo

SOU President’s Report

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We recently completed the Southern Oregon University 2013 President’s Report. The 32-page book was printed offset on a 40″ Heidelberg Speedmaster, but was also generated as a digital “flipbook” publication to be featured on the SOU Foundation website. Click on the image below to see the book at fullscreen, or click on the arrow to flip through the thumbnail.



Sapling Logo Design

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Sapling is an upstart company making handmade bicycles in Ashland, Oregon. The clean geometric shapes of the logo design are reflective of the bikes they’re producing. Notice that the square serifs of the typeface have influenced the symbol design.

Sapling Bike Company logo design and typography


Hill Station Branding

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For the branding of Hill Station, an Ashland Oregon retailer of imported and local artisan goods, it felt natural to implement a travel and postage theme. Most of the goods are handcrafted by traditional workshops and imported from India. The owners met at one of India’s hill stations and have traveled the country extensively. The primary logo design (the circular identity below) was influenced by the national Indian Railways symbol. The postage theme was inspired by poster stamp designs of the art deco era. These graphic design solutions will be used on a variety of marketing materials in a loose and artistic, but cohesive branding system.





Clint Shaw Logo Design

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General contractors work with a lot of different tools. One such tool, the hammer, was graphically used in this conceptual logo design. A hammer head was drawn and duplicated six times to create motion in a circular shape. Out of that shape appears the image of a saw blade. A sun is also visible, which is generally viewed as a powerful and optimistic symbol.

The mark was combined with a craftsman-era typestyle, which evokes old-world quality. The font was modified with rounded corners to compliment the subtle shapes of the mark.

Logo mark made from hammer heads


Complete logo design with typography

2013 Ashland Gallery Guide

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Here is the new cover design for the 2013 Ashland Gallery Guide.

Various local galleries and artists submitted extreme close-up reproductions of their work for this year’s cover. It was our job to select the image, or group of images, we felt would make the most compelling design. After a complete review of all the artwork, we decided to combine multiple images into one, photoshop-layered, composition. Three paintings were used to create this graphic. Among several designs presented, the Ashland Gallery Association (AGA) preferred the anonymity of this graphic design solution.

The majority of the guide will be designed and produced in January and will be on shelves late February. This will be our sixth year of creating the AGA’s 64-page publication.

2013 Ashland Gallery Guide Cover

Brammo Presentation Brochure

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We recently completed a 20-page presentation brochure for Brammo, manufacturer of electric motorcycles. The purpose of this book is to get prospective sponsors interested in Brammo Racing. Below are a few of the pages.

The general concept was to showcase Brammo’s superior technology, riders and social media expertise. It was designed using big, stylized imagery, horizontal lines, rough edges and bold typography. We added saturation, contrast and textural noise to all the photography which created a consistent balance throughout – but we also chose to vary the look of each spread to give the reader some freshness from page to page.

We are producing limited digitally-printed versions, but are mostly focusing on electronic brochures to be viewed on screen.

The cover of the digital brochure version

Several pages of Brammo’s sponsorship presentation brochure

Brammo Integrated Branding System

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A few months ago, we wrote and created Brammo’s Graphic Standards / Brand Guidelines Manual. Since then, we’ve designed numerous items for this innovative electric motorcycle company – creating an integrated branding system.

To develop valuable brand equity, a company should take into consideration all aspects of public, investor and employee perception including unique product characteristics and reliability, customer service, press relations, etcetera. One important aspect of developing brand equity is through a consistent and thoughtful integration of graphics, advertising and messaging.

The integrated branding system for Brammo was influenced by the product design and the culture of motorcycles. We created a strong and powerful color palette. We selected a primary font which was modern, versatile and legible. In general, we’ve kept the look clean and bold and are using studio and street photography and easy to understand messaging. The studio photography was shot by Maddox Visual in Jacksonville, Oregon.

Our graphic design and marketing skills have been utilized to develop print design for miscellaneous company literature including product and service brochures and posters. Additionally, we’ve designed logos, icons, van wrap graphics, an interactive 360 player and environmental graphics – and even some typography on the bikes. The deadlines for most of these projects have been driven by several yearly trade shows – two of which took place this summer in Las Vegas and at Laguna Seca Raceway near Monterey, California.

Product and Service Brochures

Product Brochure Cover


Electric Symbol

Motorcycle Charging Port Graphic

Brammo Racing Laurel Wreath Graphic


Van Wrap Graphics


Interactive 360 Player Skin


Because the racing industry is a little more splashy, we chose to use some distressed background textures on some of the banners displayed at racing events. The two following banners were printed by Steve Morgan at Designer Signs in Medford.


For several of the trade shows, including a large event last November in Milan, Italy, we generated scaled architectural drawings which included locations of bikes, stages, furniture, lighting, TVs, iPad pedestals, banners and storage. We also played a part in the selection of furniture.

Scaled Drawing for Milan Trade Show